A selection of Crown Splash® projects:
Simply Feet™ - the UK's premier footcare and footwear B2C website. This project entailed a detailed analysis of the market, the establishment and design of a website and branding, marketing and launching of the concept. Established 2008 and still going strong.
high heel mate® with Insolia® - rebranding of Insolia® as an OTC product for the UK market, sales and marketing planning plus PR and media launch. Also a well established current brand in the UK and EMEA region. Insolia® is widely available in Marks and Spencers footwear as an OEM product in the UK and Europe. high heel mate® with Insolia® was presented live on TV with QVC on many occasions over a two year period, with excellent incremental sales and consistent acceptance by a discerning audience.
OS1st® - this brand was established after a detailed analysis of the medical brand Orthosleeve® and a rebranding and relaunch of the portfolio of products for the global sports retail market. Redesign of packaging, refreshed sales and marketing planning for the UK and EMEA sports retail market. Now established as a global brand, particularly strong in the USA and Australasia, as well as the UK and Scandinavia. 
bootmate® tsi - development of a new sports insole concept for football and sports footwear using Insolia® Flex technology - a world first. Product packaging design and Point of Sale displays. Product launch, sales and marketing planning including B2C and Retailer websites. Insolia® Flex OEM technology is also used in certain footwear in Marks and Spencer in the UK and Europe.
careopody™ - establishment of new concept in B2C sales moving away from footcare to general care concept. Branding of a new word and establishment of a B2C website. Establishment of all back room support - customer services, logistics etc. The website and concept has been widely welcomed and is showing significant growth and recognition in the market.
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When liquid meets liquid something magical occurs, and for the briefest moment in time a secret is revealed....a Crown Splash®. 

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